Amiko 4K-Problems


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Apr 12, 2023
Brenham, Texas
Received the Amiko 4K receiver on March 30, 2023. Installed on April 9, 2023 in place of my existing Amiko Mini HD SE, which is working fine. Had nothing but problems trying to load transponder and the unit would freeze and not accept comands from the remote, had to unplug several time and start over. I took it out an put the Amiko HD SE back in with no problems for the last month. Attempted another installed a couple of days ago (5-22-2023) and have had problems with slow channel changes/freezing, freezing when changing satellites with no response from the remote had to unplug. Will take out of service and get ready to box up and sent back. Sent KE4EST a email about the problem on 4-14-2023, but he advised he knows of no known problems with the Mini 4K. Some Information from the System screen. Had to unplug at least 3 times to cut off in the last two days.
Ali chip 2661----S/WVersion-1.0.53------H/WVersionM2661------Loader VersionM2661A 1.0.1-----Latest Drive--Feb. 10, 2023-----STBSN-M2661_CIS. KE4EST suggest a possible Firmware upgrade/change. Have never done one, I guess it just a standard USB cable??????
Thanks for any help, before I send it back.
Barry Blue USMC