Amiko mini 4k uhd s2x

When I press ok button to start "ALL SW + Bootloader" the screen reverts back to upgrade screen.
Yes, I got that the first time you said it, but you didn't answer my question, so can't really help any further.

I suggest you hook up one of your old receivers in its place and check whether you are still getting good signals.
If you are, then I'd return the Amiko to the dealer that you got it from for warranty and/or repair.
The upgrade file shows as JAN2022.abs
Yes, I think that is correct.
Are you still having the same issues with this firmware? I you tried an older receiver to make sure it is that receiver?
Sold hundreds of these units, with very little issues. Usually, user has something wrong in settings(for their setup), or they are new to the hobby and don't understand how it all works and blame the receiver. Also, like I said, I had issues with firmware ending in 44, so I rolled back and have not had any issues. 44 would miss some trandponders on 97W.

What did the seller you got this from say when you reported this?
The receiver would not download the JAN2022. Again, it would only refer back to the previous upgrade screen. My old receiver shows signal strength in the 60 s.

Every time I contact the supplier or the manufacturer I receive useless information.

Again, for over 14 years have installed and at times troubleshooted many receivers, not only for myself, but also for friend and relative, and have never experienced such problems.
Man, I hate sellers like that. It makes other guys look bad. I have been selling Amiko for years and have always been on top of customer complaints. That receiver is a good receiver. I personally tested it for months before I even listed it for sale.
Sorry you are having issues with it and the seller.
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