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Aug 6, 2004
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stevenl wrote -

You misread i was stateing 10db loss on the return path but a 4db gain on the fwd output..

Every amp we use gains 14 DB of signal...

Then once you add the splitter ie 4port amp 8 port amp you subtract the loss and thats your "gain" 4 port loses 7 so 14 - 7 = 7db Gain and 8 port is 14 - 10 = 4db of gain...

But on the return path the "reverse" is -7db (4port) -10db (8port) with no gain..

I added some line breaks/carriage returns but did not change it to make it easier to read. Hope you dont mind that part.

We all agreed, after showing a flow diagram on a white board on how you come up with the numbers for the 4 port and 8 port.

The biggest debate that we had, was for the 1 port amps.

Forward output is 15db. Wish I had one in front of me at current moment but I am at home now. If all amps have an 14db of gain, how is it that one port amps have a 15db of output?
Well thats strange to me I thought it would have a 14db gain as well ours do.. Try measureing one ? maybe the specs written on it are incorrect? not sure. but the theroy of the amp is simple the amp itself is the big bulky part that just has a Splitter connected to it thats all. Putting a 1 port amp before a 4 way splitter has the same effect. Thus using a 1 port amp on an internet line is not so bad if you are sucking signal (far drop long homeruns) put a 1 port before a two way then 1 hr from two way feeds the modem and 1 feeds a 4way splitter or 8 for that matter. It will help your fwd levels to your modem but not effect your reverse levels. :hatsoff:
Looks like we both have some research to do on that one port amp. Shall be interesting to find the results. I just had my Sadelco calibrated 3 weeks ago. So I will test out one of the amps on Monday when I get back to work.

We use the Ultra Mini Drop Amps from PCT for the One port's. Ive been to their website, however they do not provide the information that were looking for.

The best part I do like about these amps is the protection they provide.

6 kV, 3kA combination wave (B3) surge
withstand on all "F" ports

Thats directly from their website.
yes amps are great in florida for lightning protection after a storm though make sure to stock your truck witha ton of them :) to replace

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