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Jul 2, 2010
A few days ago I discovered an interesting bug on one of my 722Ks... What you do is, have "Groups" Set to "My Groups," and "Sort" set to "DVR Date," play back a recording from an EHD, open up the DVR menu, press "SELECT" on a recording, back out using "CANCEL," now click on "My Media." It will indicate that you are already playing back a title, and to stop the playback to access the drive.

Seems normal, huh? Now select "OK." What do you see? You should see an "Info" screen that is blank. This would typically be the screen that shows you information on a recording you have selected. Weird... But wait, there's more! Now press "CANCEL" again! Now you see an "On Demand" menu! Wait this looks different... Oh... That's because it's the OLD DOD menu! From there you can attempt to browse content, but I can never get a page to load up.

Basically, kinda pointless, not too interesting, but it was kinda random when I found this bug! 722K L688.

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