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Oct 16, 2011
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I am wondering if anyone on this forum can tell me how VOD works, specifically this question:

Had Dish for three years... had a DVR Model 722 with no phone line or any other internet equipment or cables attached.
Called Dish to disconnect service and ask for final bill total. Mailed payment for final bill total. Received box to ship DVR back, shipped DVR back.

Just received another bill from Dish for four "VOD" movies at $6.99 each... two from February, one in March, one September.
Called Dish and asked what this bill about... was told when DVR was returned it showed these movies rented/downloaded/VOD'd.
Told them how could that be... I never ordered, and DVR was never connected to anything.
Was told it does not matter there was no phone line, that it was ordered by "remote."

I have questioned several of their employees over the phone and each one tries to say they were ordered, and when I tell them I had no phone line connected they say it was ordered by remote through the satellite dish.
Finally found website info. that says to get VOD it MUST be connected to phone line or internet... brought this to their attention and was again told it was ordered "by remote." This agent also said that what customers do is connect the phone line to order what they want and disconnect the line when done so it doesn't show up on their bill, and Dish never knows because the DVR box is not hooked up long enough to "phone home" and let Dish know that a movie has been bought by VOD. I asked so it is potentially possible that someone can order a movie a day/365 movies in a year and never get charged? Was told "yes" that Dish would never know. I do not believe this.

Called again to talk to new agent and pretend I was potential new customer asking VOD questions. He said it MUST be connected by phone line or internet, that they CAN in fact see exactly when a movie is downloaded, and your bill the following month will reflect the purchase.

I am very confused as to what to believe and am asking for any and all help understanding what is going on. Thanks for any assistance!


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Jan 4, 2007
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PPV/VOD material can definitely come down off satellite. Since Dish satellite is a one-way medium, the only way Dish corporate knows you ordered anything is by having your receiver connected either via phone or Internet. This is why a connection is "required" for PPV; Dish wants to get paid.

The firmware will allow you to rent some number of PPV events (I have heard 9) without any connection, before it cuts you off. This is to allow tailgaters to order satellite PPV while disconnected, and still charge for it later when the receiver returns home and gets plugged back in.

The reason you did not know about these rentals is because you did not have your receiver hooked up anywhere, and apparently you didn't check via the receiver menus. Dish got the receiver back, hooked it up, and noticed the PPV events still sitting in memory. That is why you got charged after you closed your account and returned that receiver. Ordering "by remote" means that (according to Dish) somebody with the remote control ordered PPV events. It doesn't mean anybody actually watched them.

Sorry to bring you this bad news.

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