Analog Receiver Question

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Jul 24, 2006
Vacationland, USA
If an analog receiver isn't responding to the remote but, does power on.. Can this receiver still be used slaved with a DVB receiver.. It's a Toshiba TRX-80 analog receiver..

I need the analog receiver to hook the ribbon cable to..

Thanks, Brent


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Oct 10, 2005
I have an old TRX 80 around here somewhere and I was able to locate the manual. As I remembered from using it several years ago that the remote has to work to set up the moving of the dish to the right location and to set the skew. Even if the DVB box you have can set the skew, you still need to program the satellite locations in the Toshiba. I looked in the manual and there is a button on the box to move to the next satellite but it has to know where that is, and as best I can remember or glean from the documentation, that setup needs the remote.
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