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Supporting Founder
Jun 17, 2005
Hi, I have a 722 & am still having trouble with my search modes thanks to the update 2 weeks ago. This weekend I bought a 640 GB external HD & hooked it up to the 722 yesterday. It's a Maxtor One Touch 4, Mod. # STM306404OTA3E1-RK.

I transferred all of my high def stuff to it with no problems. It runs well and plays everything fine. However, every time I ask the 722 to transfer more data I get an error message saying there was a problem and if I press OK I get another message saying my other TV is using this feature??

I called D & the tech had no idea about this issue. As of this point if I do a reset on the 722 the ext. drive will do the transfer with no error messages. But, if I don't do a reset I get flagged again.

It's bad enough that the 722's search modes are all Fu***d up!! I really like the 722 & the new drive and aside from the software & HD issues all is well.

Does anyone have a clue on this one? Also, I did NOT have any problems with my local OTA chs. after the upgrade. I am getting sick & tired of not being able to speed through commercials & long movies.

Has anyone had the same problem(s) & resolved them? :confused:
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