Another 811 bug or did E* Change PPV?


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Dec 11, 2003
Las Cruces, NM
Before my 811, when I ordered a PPV movie, it showed on both receivers I had.

Last night I got Somethings gotta give (Great movie!) and it only showed up on the 811. Second time this has happened. One other time, I had to order from my 2nd reciever, as I did not have a phone line to the 811 yet. It showed briefly on the 811 receiver and then quit and I had to move my 2nd reciever to living room to watch the movie.

Is this another "undocumented feature" of the 811 or did E* change something? Anyone else have this problem?
I have purchased many movies from my 811 in the living room and still need to go to the bed rooms to purchase them also.

I called E* about it and they said you always need to buy the movie for each receiver, they only bill you once though.
AHA, so that's how it works. Always wondered why I couldn't watch on a different set after ordering a movie. Shucks tho, since they went up in price, I seldom order a movie anymore. Can get them on DVD at the local drugstore for $1.00.

It would seem to me that they could "sell" a lot more movies at 1/2 the price. I know that I would order more at $2. Four bucks is just too much.

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