Another attempt at the "Performance Tax" on radio stations is underway.


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Oct 13, 2007
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In a nutshell, the music industry is lobbying Congress for terrestrial radio to not only pay what we already do (the writers of the music, many of which perform their own material) via BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and for streaming our stations, "Soundexchange" as well, but yet ANOTHER payment to the ARTISTS as well.

Seem insignificant? Consider the phrase "double dip." If artists are performing their own work, they're already paid via the publishing side of things and via the payments for web-play (streaming.) If not, they're paid by their record deals, CD sales, legal download sales, concerts, and in some cases, the buying of their performance to be used in commercials and other endorsements.

GREED is at the bottom of this, and if you value your local radio station at ALL, please educate yourself and respond in defense of local radio. Should this pass, radio station owners and program directors will be saddled with how to deal with more fees charged to their stations, and where that money has to come from. Stations LIVE on advertising, and we can't just wave a magic want, raise our rates, and not lose valued advertising clients. Thus, cuts have to be made somewhere should this happen. In (larger corporate ownership) cases where personnel can be cut, they WILL be. In places where they can't (small stations) services to the community and donations of airtime and real DOLLARS given locally to charities and causes will be cut back.

Please educate yourself to this fight which is, according to NAB sources, going on NOW. (again.)
There may be no "perfect" solution. But, keep in mind that if you enjoy your local station, (and we're not asking for debate over station's abilities to be "local" or serve here, that opinion resides in your mind) it's time to be educated, and at least TRY to tell your lawmakers in Washington that local radio cannot afford this type of legislation.

There is a link put out by the NAB (we're not members, but we are pleased for their fighting the performance tax on behalf of 'radio' in general) which helps stations, station employees, and listeners easier contact representatives. It's even BETTER if you write a quick note personally to your legislators in praise of leaving local radio's relationship with the music industry AS IS.

Still seem insignificant? If you're part of ANY industry with ANY kind of regulations, would you want MORE put upon you? YOUR industry could be next!

Please do what you can, if you value local radio in your community.

(and no, I don't think this one belongs in "the pit" needs to be seen by the public, and the issue made more "public" for the betterment of local radio.)

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