Another DirecTV Price Increase for 2023, second one this year


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Nov 29, 2003
Price is going up again starting April 22 , just four months after the last increase-

here is the last increase on January 22, 2023-

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Those prices listed are the current rates and have been for a few months
From folks on reddit it seems like the old "grandfathered" plans seem to be the ones affected. Some folks said they didnt get the increase in January
Yeah we got this notice, it's confusing. It provides a link to view 2023 pricing details, but that page makes no mention of the 4/22 increase, just references the 1/22 increase.

Mom moved to Choice in January:


Then in February it increased in price:


I don't see an email about that price increase, but the new email we just got says it's going up $8 on 4/22.


Short of being hacked this is one of the more sensitive emails a paid service can send, it's wild that they'd mess it up and tell a bunch of people their price is going up if it really isn't.

Multi-dollar company.

Wired or Wireless Genie Mini Clients?

H25- Trick to prevent screensaver mode?