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Sep 24, 2008
I had sent an e-mail to AntennaTV about their coming to Dish Network. Today I received an answer that they would love to be carried by Dish, but they have not agreed to do so. So I was curious if there would be a chance Dish would ever carry AntnnaTV?
I suspect the range of odds of that happening are somewhere between slim and none.

It’s all over the OTA spectrum.
If MeTv could get on I do not see why Antenna TV cannot. Does anyone know what MeTV's deal is like?

That's what I was thinking as well. They've been on a roll adding channels that previously were generally limited to OTA subchannels...MeTV, BUZZR, Laff, etc.
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I asked Antenna TV the exact same thing after MeTV started on DISH. Here was their response on March 29th:
It's something we're ultimately working toward, but I don't have any guesses as to when it may happen. There's a different set of rights for national coverage as opposed to local coverage, which is how we're set up on local OTA stations across the country.
At least Antenna TV/Dish are discussing it. No OTA here for either THIS or Antenna TV. With METV on Dish now, Antenna TV would be really nice. I have asked Dish for the channel several times. With the possibility of Sinclair buying Tribune (Ch 32-Portland), I figure getting Antenna TV might be easier. We have translators for some of the diginets (5 translators/17 stations). I have asked about 32 from Portland having a translator out here (Astoria) and the engineer informed me that Tribune does not believe in translators. We have ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/FOX/MYTV. Why not CW out here?
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