Any Must Have's on Tuesday?

I'm going to toss out a recommendation for the new release of Rent that's been out for about ten days now.

It's a live filming of the last performance on Broadway. So much better than the movie version. Top notch video quality and audio is TrueHD. Watching this reminded me of seeing it live.

Obviously, this will mostly appeal to fans of live theater and movie musicals (like me)
Have any of you seen Australia yet? This title is among a short list of BD's to be released this Tuesday, March 3rd. I have a BBOnline trade-in I'm planning on using when I go to the store on Tuesday.
It is very good but, I think Sleeping Beauty was better. Sleeping Beauty blew me away, for me Pinocchio didn't have the wow factor.

Consider they are almost two decades apart. Pinocchio was, I think, only the second full length animated feature. I'll be looking around for the best price and then pounce on this film.
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My big purchase of the week does not happen on Tuesday as my daughter has been waiting for Twilight to be released and it is out on Saturday. I guess I know what I will spend my $20 Best Buy rewards on. :(

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