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Sep 2, 2016
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I suspect the thread title is inarticulate enough most people will not read this, LOL! And this is probably unique enough that most will not have this situation, but there seem to be a lot of smart folks here, and I may be missing something obvious:

I get Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Midwest, and CSN Chicago as my regional sports channels. I'm a huge KC Royals fan, so I have my H3 set up to record all their games. Works well most of the time.

However - while Directv gave me two Fox Sports MW channels - Fox Sports MW which defaults to Cardinals games and Fox Sports Kansas City, Dish gives me Fox Sports MW (which defaults to Cardinals games) and then puts the Royals games on random Fox Sports Alt stations. OK - the H3 still finds those Alt stations and records the Royals games - most of the time.

However, it appears that when the Royals are playing a team that is on FSMW (Cardinals) or FSN (Twins) or either Chicago team (CSN) the H3 records the broadcast on those stations rather than the Alt station. Which means, for example, yesterday I got the Twins broadcasters rather than the Royals broadcasters.

Is there a way to force the H3 to record the Royals broadcast? If no, OK, I'm not going to throw my remote and stomp and pout and declare the H3 to be a piece of crap,LOL! Just want to know if there's a trick I don't know about.



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Jul 15, 2011
Create a separate timer for each possible Alt channel, and make those timers higher in priority than the timers for the FSMW, FSN, CSN channels. Maybe that would allow the Alt channels to take preference.

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