How to make arrow keys on 40 remote work in TV mode? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 2, 2016
Birmingham, AL
I've got a Samsung LN32 something LCD TV in the sunroom. 40 remote with the Joey in this room. I paired the remote with TV, even used the TV model name to make sure I have the correct code.

It turns on the TV, volume works for the TV, and when I put it into TV mode, the Menu button brings up the menu. However, the up and down arrow keys on the 40, while trying to navigate the TV menu while in TV mode, just pop up the Not Available yellow triangle error sign.

The select button works in TV mode just not the up and down arrow keys. Any ideas on how to make them work? I assume I can't "teach" the 40 the up and down arrow key commands from my Samsung remote?

(I know - get a Harmony, LOL! Trying to not spend the money on 3 new harmony remotes for the 3 viewing area! ;))

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