any way to resurect internal hard drive on an HR20-100? (1 Viewer)

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Sep 8, 2003
Springfield, IL
I know this doesn't look good already, but thought I'd give this a last shot, since I had so many shows I hadn't watched yet on it... :mad: :(

Woke up this AM to one of my HR20-100's stuck on "checking sat settings" screen. So I rebooted a couple times, & it did the same thing again. So, I unplugged the unit & let it sit for a couple hours. After I plugged it back in, now when it gets to that point, it takes me to a screen that says "a problem has been detected in your hd", scans the hd & then gives me a diagnostic code of 15-866.

It also said to try to reboot, but after a couple tries, goes right back to this same screen. I then tried the MENU button twice to the advanced menu, then to the Hard Drive Utilities - on that screen I got the following:

1 File System Verification - Fail - 0x79
2 SMART Short Test - No SMART data
3 SMART Long Test - (tried running, but immediately got an ERROR 74)
4 Surface Test - 100% passed

So, could this be something other than it just totally crashed? (bad receiver PS, bad internal connection, etc.) If so, could it be put into an external hd housing?
Also, since the internal hd is bad, can you still plug an external hd & have the receiver work properly w/the internal hd failed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thx much!
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Apr 10, 2009
Most of the time you can plug in an external and have it get going fine, but you wont be able to access any of your recordings. If the HD is bad, you're best off to just have directv replace it.

You could remove it and try copying it to a new drive, but chances are that wont be successful at this point. But if you break the receiver while fiddling with its innards, directv might charge you a lot of money for breaking it.

It might also be something else in the receiver like a power supply but unless you have some spares lying around...


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Apr 3, 2005
Central Michigan
Pretty much it, internal drive is dead, either call for replacement or start over with an esata external.
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