Anybody have a problem with Celebrity Apprentice? (1 Viewer)

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Feb 12, 2006
Charleston, SC
Seems like I always have problems with PTAT on Sundays. Three weeks ago on Sunday PTAT only recorded 2 minutes of the shows. Yesterday the wife and I sat down to watch the final of Celebrity Apprnetice. Selected it, chose auto hop and then nothing, a black screen. It shows it is there and you can even fast forward, just a total black screen. The funny thing is when watching live TV on Sunday clicking through the channels I saw it was on (with a picture). Other shows recoreded normally. PTAT only messes up the shows the wife cares about :confused:

Why would it record this way? Do you think it is there and a reboot might fix this.

BTY on S212 but when things messed up 3 weeks ago I was on S209.

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Dec 2, 2004
I had problems with American Idol before. It was right after auto hop was released so I wanted to try it. Usually we just fly thru the results show but I had to see it work. It got me to the beginning of the show and then thru the first commercial break. At the second commercial break we left the room and when we came back it said the show was over. I ended it and started over without auto hop and was able to go past the second commercial break adn watch the rest of the show. You might try watching without auto hop and see if you can get it to work.
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Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
The only problem I had with the show was the winner.

I thought the other guy should have won.

If you haven't seen it yet I am not going to spoil it.


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I agree, Scott. Even though I only watched this crap because I'm a wonderful and loving husband, I did feel strongly that the contestant who didn't win clearly won 3 of the 4 criteria of success for the task at hand:
-Amount of money raised
-Public Service Announcement
-Pre-Show Party
-Variety Show

Why that guy with the badger on his head chose who he chose is a mystery to me, and obviously had nothing to do with the final task.

NBC needs to tell The Donald, "You're fired."
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