Anybody in DFW have a 921 yet?

glenn z

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Dec 3, 2003
Just curious if any made it to this part of the country. I heard a commercial advertising them which I thought was odd since they aren't readily available.
Well according to UPS, I will have 2 921's tomorrow.(N Arkansas)

For the right price, would part with 1 or maybe both. 8)
Glad to hear you are getting some Mark. I have to say I was wanting to be the first in Arkansas though. Oh well.
I received my 921 on 1/5 here in plano. Got it from Dish Depot. It works surprisingly well although it's over the air reception is far less
sensitive and reliable than the Zenith 420 which I was previously using.
Don't know if this counts, but my 921 passed thru Mesquite, Texas on its way to me in NC via New Mexico Satellite (thanks Richard).

Should arrive tomorrow !!! :D

Its official. The 921 is sitting on my RPHDTV. I hooked it up to verify that it works. Switches checked out.
Everything seems to work :)

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