522 TV2 Kids remote?


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Nov 17, 2003
North Arkansas
Does anyone know if there is a UHF 'kids remote' available for the 522 TV2?

My mother keeps messing with the other buttons and I have to go in her room in the middle of the night to fix it.

Chan up/down IR volume up/down is all she needs. No DVR or menu functions.

There is no 'simple remote' that could be used for the second tuner of the 522 because it requires DishPro UHF. If it didnt have to be for the DishPro UHF tuner you could have used the 'simple remote' that is available from Dish Network for IR or a legacy UHF remote for the legacy UHF tuner.
You could probably get an IR extender and use a simple remote for her, and then use the RF remote for the primary.

Just a thought worth looking into.
Call Dish and get a replacment TV2 (uhf Pro) remote for a 322. This is identical (as far as buttons) to the old "blue button" IR remotes as it doesn't have the PVR buttons and will work with the 522 TV2.

What you can do is open up the remote and put little pieces of paper behind the buttons that you don't want her to push. This way she can always stay in one guide, never go into the menu or hit the PVR functions by accident.

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