Anyone Beta testing the 811 ?


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Sep 7, 2003
SF Bay Area, California
Just curious if anyone here had an 811 they were Beta testing....or had a friend that was.....

Would appreciate any reports about how well it works.....from Satellite and OTA.

Thanks very much,

The 811 is basically a 6000 with the upgrade cartridges built on the main board plus extra memory for openTV. (there are other differences)

I would not expect it to act too different then the 6000 in the way it runs.
So, if the performance of the 811 is on par with the 6000, would that put it behind the Directv receivers?

I think I read yesterday where a dealer substituted his demo 6000 with a Samsung 160 to get a better picture. (And the Zenith and Sony receivers seem to have reputation for better PQ than the Samsung.)
The 811 perfomance will be a little faster then the 6000 due to the additional memory and the OpenTV software.

I believe the 811 will be a very good unit, and even at $399 with the SuperDish the 811 is a good buy.
I talked with someone at Echostar last week and while I was on the phone with them the press release came out, I read to them the $399 price and they believed that that price was in the Dish, and I was also told that prices listed in press releases are usually all new sub prices including the dish.

Actually, I was hoping to hear how the 811 pulled in stations....especially OTA stations, and I figured that someone here was Beta testing one.....
just wanted a quick report on what to expect....or even a PM

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