How is the reception on the 6000 receiver?


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Sep 7, 2003
SF Bay Area, California
Just curious how those of you that had experience with the 6000 receiver liked it.

Does it do a good job of satellite reception (HD and SD).

How is it for OTA reception?

How does it compare with some of the Directv receivers (Sony, Zenith, Samsung, Hughes)


I have not used any DirecTV HD receivers other then the DTC-100. I can pick up all my digital stations no problem with my Dish 6000 (which is hooked up to a good Channel Master outdoor antenna with rotor.) :)

Since the DTC-100 was not at my house or hooked to my antenna I don't know if the 6000 is more or less sensitive then the DTC-100. :)
I would think it has to do more with what antenna you use. I have a Samsung DirecTV HD receiver and get all my channels perfectly. My only neighbor who has a 6000 doesn't use OTH, he uses his TV tuner.
I have a huge Radio Shack outdoor antenna, with a sounds like I will be in good shape for my HD receiver.

Thanks for your replies, and any more that come...

As for my experience with a 6000/8VSB/8PSK, there are no different "problems" than with my 501 -- that is to say, that for satellite broadcasts, I see no problems -- except when there is either a severe storm south of me and it starts to obscure the satellite(s) or if there is a severe storm in the vicinity of one of the uplink centers (Wyo, Ariz). For OTA signals, likewise I have no _major_ problems except for the (digital) PSIP problems the 6000 exhibits. The problems have lessened with recent firmware upgrades, but some issues still survive: when a local broadcaster has PSIP computer problems, the 6000 will get confused if you try to tune to that channel/subchannel. For example, in Salt Lake City, the local PBS affiliate broadcasts digitally on UHF 42. It has PSIP info for 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3. If the PSIP computer goes down and you try to tune to 7.2 (the HD subchannel), the box will hang (used to reboot with older firmware) and you'll probably end up on some other OTA channel. You then find out that you have 42.1, 42.2 and 42.3 in your (all) channel lineup. When they get the PSIP computer working again and you try to tune to 42.2, you will again get the box to hang and, occasionally crash. Dish is working on getting some of these issues fixed. The other "major" issue is that if you remain on an OTA channel and your guide data expires and then you hit the Program Guide button, you'll see a "Acquiring Satellite Signal" message on the screen for as long as it takes to re-update the internal tables (2-3 minutes). This can be annoying so you eventually learn to ALWAYS go to a satellite channel BEFORE you press the guide button. For me, these are minor issues and I deal with them, for others, with less/non-technical spouses/familymembers, they can be a MAJOR PITA. I don't use the 6000's analog OTA capabilities as I only watch the digital broadcasts OTA.
Had the 4000 first, then the 6000. It's been a fine receiver, though it is an older technology: no weather special channel, guide is slow and not much shows up at one time (screen). SD channels should be watched through the S-Video or composite ports. HD has been just great, though, very good quality. OTA was temporarily installed, and seemed sensitive enough, though I didn't like the fan noise (some say you can just disconnect it).
So So OA Reception

I live on the backside of a hill and the OTA reception from the 6000 can be ify. I bought a Zenith OTA reciever to do a comparison and the Zenith did a much better job of holding the signal. ( I assume because it has newer/better 8vsb chips.)

I'm hoping the the 921 will have the newer/better 8vsb chips in them.
The 6000 is OK, . . . given all the items discussed already. It really is an older technology receiver. I recently upgraded my last 4000 to a 508, and now I notice that the picture on my big screen from the 508 looks much better than from the 6000. I am using component output of the 6000 and the SD picture is being upconverted to 1080i. Seeing one of the above posts that you should use the S-Video output for SD broadcast may now explain this. I assumed it might be newer technology in the 508, . . . but it may simply be that the 6000 does a poor job of upconverting the decompressed SD signal to 1080i format (hence why the suggestion to use S-Video for SD shows). HD looks great, and the OTA works really good if you can get a solid signal. As mentioned, it is a bit noisy.

One real big PITA for me is that the 6000 can not output HD and SD at the same time, . . . the 811 is suppose to. I have a single media rack and send my 2 receiver outputs (plus DVD and VHS) through a whole house distribution system. So, . . . when the 6000 is outputting in 1080i, I don't get that video broadcast anywhere else in the house (I do get the audio). If I switch to SD output mode, I loose the video off of the composite cables, . . . which mean I loose video from my wide screen (I know, I could use S-Video, . . . but I already have a number of components hooked up and don't want to double up from a single source).

This all forces me to basically use the 6000 solely for the theater room and the 508 for the rest of the house, . . . which cause new problems. I really am down to 1 channel for the ROTH, . . . and if I am watching a local digital station on the 6000, . . . there is about a 4 second audio/video delay between the 6000 & 508 (due to transmission from the local to Dish and then back to the 508). So, as I leave the theater room (to go to the refrig or bathroom), and the channel is on in another room, it gets a bit annoying. This really gets annoying when a sporting event is on and you will hear the cheers from one room first, followed about 4 seconds later from the other room. I've lived with it to get HD, . . . but can't wait for the 811 to start shipping so that I can get both HD & SD outputs at the same time (and I am assuming they will be in sync). I am also hoping that with the 811 using the newest technology chipsets, that the video for SD broadcasts will be as crisp as the 508, even after the upconvert.

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