Anyone Else having any verizon Phone problems like this.



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May 2, 2008
Anyone Else having any verizon Phone problems like this.
Right now my wife and i are having phone issues and its started out as a problem between our two phones. If she would call me from her curve to my droid she would get a white noise or a push to talk type noise. this problem started when i first got my droid. and after having this issue for a while verizon switched her to the new 8530 curve. Well after going about 30 day with no problems this problem has now grown to a bigger issue for me and her. Now if i call any one on a land line or a cell phone it dont matter any more of the company of the person i am calling it just happens. First for me it would start of me calling someone and the other person i am talking to would complain to me they are hearing the noise. and now i am calling people and i now am hearing this annoying noise for my self when i am calling people. so now we have 2 phone one bb and one droid having the exact issue. Now i am trying to find more people that are having the similar problems. i am now working with verizon on solving this problem but they dont think this is a wide spread but so far i have found a few more people that have this exact problem. now i am posting here to see if this is even more wide spread then my local area.


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Jan 27, 2004
I had a problem where when I called my dad I would get a lot of static noise, but he has VOIP so I am positive it was on his end even though he didn't hear it. It lasted for about 2 weeks when I called him and now it has gone, but that is the only problem I have had.

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