Anyone had any luck getting a 508 upgrade from Dish?

Chris Walker

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Jan 25, 2004
I am wanting to replace my old 301 downstairs but I refuse to pay $5 for the PVR functions. Will Dish let me get a 508 for $99 or $149? I'd even pay $200 to avoid the monthly fees. Anyone had any luck with this? I read someone that was told all the 508s are only for current 508 users, was that CSR possibly just an idiot? :)
DISH is offering some REMANUFACTURED 501's for something like $149 call and ask but you better buy the $5.99 DHPP warranty just for protection Remans only have a 90 day warranty. Of course $4.98 for a DVOD fee is cheaper on the 510 which is now (4/15/04) available for $79.00.