Super dish on a pole.


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Apr 13, 2004
Long story! Will keep it short.

Had and still have an old system (4 years). I built a new house in the woods.
I installed old system in new house myself worked ok summer high winds and rain made loose signal winter no problems at all.
Disk networks upgraded me on a “movers special” got new DVR receiver. The dish installer installed the new box, I told him about high winds and rain, he crawled on roof and checked alignments and stuff said something was bent said that I should upgrade the antenna to a super dish will get local channels and stuff .
Next installer said I was crazy! The new super dish weighs 50 pounds and needs to go on a tripod with at least a 6 foot extension pole to pick up the 3 satellites it needs ( Illinois ) and that it structurally cannot or should not be done. Said he would not do it, suggest a new antenna like the one I got with a “turk”. He didn’t have a “turk” on the truck.
Need to Reschedule again!
Which installer is correct?
Have not yet Rescheduled.
No need for the Superdish unless you want to get the locals. A regular Dish 500 with a clean line of sight should only lose signal during the heaviest of storms. If you have a problem with vibrations during windy periods, the mount is not secure.

Verify a clean line of sight to the satellites and ensure nothing is loose. What are your signal strengths now?
If you've got alot of wind, a 3 foot wide sail (superdish) on your roof could do some damage. Alot of installers place them on the roof as a last resort.

I'd say if you can get your locals with an antenna (which is what a turk is, you can get better ones).. then go for it. Tell them to re-install the D500, and you'll tie in an antenna with some diplexors.

or.. risk the rain and wind tearing your roof up.
Thanks for the input. I do wish to get the local stations, a small antenna on the TV gets all major networks some fuzzy other than cbs (real bad). Signal strength runs now about 95 -110 last summer it was about 70 - 90. What other types of external antennas would you suggest ( subdivision convenience says only 1 antenna dish or TV ).
Not knowing your location, I'd suggest forgetting the Superdish and put an antenna(s) in the attic. Some very good high gain antennas can be bought for very little money. If you have HD equipment, the receivers from Dish Network will integrate the locals seamlessly. If not, the TV can tune the analog stations.

To start experimenting, RadioShack has some decent antennas for resonable prices. You say the rabbit ears get all the stations so I'd think you'd have very good results with an attic mounted antenna. will tell you that your "subdivision convenience says only 1 antenna dish or TV" is not currently a valid legal should be changed or removed.

Also, I personally spoke with a lawyer who specializes in HOA law. I specifically asked him how many antennas (I was speaking of dishes at that time) were allowed to be erected on the property within the owner's control. Answer: No Limit! Nevertheless you must also consider the social / neighbor aspects (vs. legal) and minimize / hide your antennas to the best of your ability considering sight lines, topography, etc.

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