Anyone know how long the HDTV in a Box promotion will run?


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Sep 17, 2003
Just wondering and this may sound stupid but is there a payment option other than paying it all up front.
not a stupid question - they want their money up front - I doubt there will be a DHP promo for HDTV in a box..

it's whether we get our TV's installed on time - that's another question
Use a credit card and pay them monthly, thats what Dish wants it seems. Dish figures if you do not have enough good credit to have a credit card or make a loan for the money that they shouldn't give you a loan either, so they see it like this, that you might as well get the loan elsewhere than from them. Thats what I think in my opinion. They dont want people to run with their hardware not paying for it when it costs over $500 like the 721 did and $1,000 for a 921 or for a HD box promo.

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