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Sep 14, 2003
Topeka, Kansas
I have noticed that since the last version update, that my 501 takes a lot longer to change from one channel to the next. Is this just my machine, or are others experiencing the same thing.

The channel change is long enough that the transparent info bar at the top of the screen disappears before the channel comes alive.
Still have the same slow channel switching, Mark. I have two 501's. The funny thing is that one is significantly slower than the other. Both are slow, but there is about 2-3 seconds difference between the two machines. With the slowest, the see-thru info banner disappears before the channel makes the switch.

Dave....Yes, I have tried the reboot ...afterall, I have a PVR...that means a reboot every two to three days...
JohnR...I don't have to reset my PVR every 2 - 3 days...in fact maybe once a month or something. Maybe you should contact DishNet support. Meanwhile, maybe you need to "Re-initialize" your PVR. I have the code for it. It worked like a charm for me. I was experiencing veryyyyyyyy slooooooooooow response. THIS PROCEDURE WILL, HOWEVER, DELETE ALL YOUR RECORDINGS... but trust me man...its well worth it!! Here ya go:

Menu-6-3 - This will put you into the diagnostic screen.
Info-Right arrow (browse)-Left arrow (theme) - This will put you
into the memory dump screen. Note - there is a timeout. You have to hit
the three keys "INFO, RIGHT, LEFT" in succession rather quickly. You should get
the "help" screen briefly after INFO, but it should be replaced by the memory
dump screen as soon as RIGHT and LEFT are completed.
Stop (i.e. press the STOP button) - This will flag the system to
re-initialize your drive on reset.
Reset the system by removing the smart card, and reinserting
it. Please leave the smart card removed for several seconds. Wait at least
until the system information screen appears.
When the card is reinserted, then your system will reset and
your drive will be re-initialized. You should be able to verify this because
your PTV list will be empty."
Interesting info...I have a 508 that has been slow to change channels (@ 7sec's) for many months. I posted this problem and have been told over and over by followers of these forums that my PVR was toast and that I had no alternative but to exchange it or live with it. Will the procedure you posted work with a 508?

I am not sure, but I wouldn't see why this wouldn't work. The ONLY difference between the 501 and the 508 is the size of the hard drive (and the monthly fee...nothin' for 501). You could try it out. I did try it out on my 501 and it worked like a charm. The slow-responsiveness was taken care of right away!!

I'd really like to know if it worked out for you...

DJ Robin
I'll Try it

I am going to try the reset, but I need to get through about 5 episodes of 24 first! Now that they are in reruns, maybe I will get the chance to catch up.
My mother-in-law was having a similar problem on her 721. It would take about 30 seconds to a minute to change channels.

I did a smartcard reset, it rebooted and installed an upgrade to the latest version. When it came back up, she could no longer change channels at all. So, I did a front panel reset (pressing the power button till it rebooted), and that seemed to clear it up.

Don't know if that would help you, but thought I'd throw it out there...

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