Anyone know what the deal is w/tp 12 & 14 @ 61.5°?


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Sep 7, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Hi all,

Anyone have any idea why tp 12 and 14 have a 25%-30% stronger signal than the rest of the transponders at 61.5°?

Currently all the transponders at 61.5° I receive show a signal level of about 80 which is normal. However tp 12 with a ton of test channels on it and nothing more, and tp 14 with a ton of international channels have a reading of 110 or so.

From what I understand, R1 (Echostar 12) can only do odd numbered transponders in the teens.

Any ideas?

See ya
Yeah, same here with TP12. The tech that was out to my house a week ago told me TP12 he uses as the "home" signal.

I get 112 on TP12 here - better than all the rest.

I get 102 or so on TP 2 and 3
88 on TP 20
92 on TP 11 and 22
And in the 90's for the rest.

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