Anyone tried this with an older receiver? (OTA diplexing with SWM)

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Nov 23, 2003
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So, finally going to add a line up to the MBR. Recently got a SWM8 on ebay, so looking to hook it into my existing system, which already has a SWM (lnb, but that will be swapped out for a non-SWM LNB).

The SWM stuff is easy. I already have my OTA diplexed in, and it works great.

Now, for the new receiver, I have a few options...

1) Pay for a new receiver, diplex in the OTA, like the others
2) Run my old HD Tivo off of the legacy ports, and split the OTA (essentially run 3 cables up)

A hybrid, and the source of my question:

Could I run a SWM'ed line up, with diplexed OTA, and run the OTA **only** to an OTA tuner, for now? This would essentially be in prep for a SWM system, but not getting the receiver yet.

I would think this would work, but wondering if anyone has tried this...
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