Anyone unplugging tonight?


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Jan 13, 2004
I unplugged my sat. cable last night, just so i can hopefully still get ota after voom shuts down.

I am not sure if I can get a good read on E*'s birds, but I would sign up for them if the dish didn't have to sit in my from yard- I would like to give it a shot. With all this talk of e* or V* possibly sending out software upgrades in the next day or two, should I stay unplugged and wait to see what happens with others, or should I just stay plugged in? If I unplug, would it just take the update once I plug back in?

Sorry if I sound clueless, but I guess I am. (a little)

I originally planned on unplugging two of 'em hoping that the OTA would live on in case of a 'shutdown hit' to the boxes. Now I've decided to leave 'em up and see what happens. I'm recording HDNews till it turns off. The boxes are leased - I have nothing to lose.
I am leaving the only set I still have hooked up to V* plugged in till it goes black. I am interested to see if they leave any Demo channels going promoting the E* deal and Voom 21.
The VOOM OTA still works fine here(Northern VA)though it is now off as the D* HTL-HD is by far a better stb for OTA,far better PQ
Are you saying you can use the Voom dish to pick up local HD channels instead of an OTA antenna? all the abbreviations lost me.
What I was saying is the the VOOM stb is still working for OTA signals(antenna) no programing coming in on the dish just OTA.Some people have said that the stb's are getting no signal at all- dish or ota.I have switched off the VOOM stb because my Directv HD box gets a much better picture with the antenna signal, it also has a analog and digital reciever built in as the VOOM stb only has a digital
I unplugged mine 5 seconds after the screen went black at midnight and I still have OTA. I left it on CBS just in case changing channels screws it up. I noticed last year after I had cancelled one stb with Voom that the signal stayed active as long as I did not change channels. I left it on MonstersHD for 3 days and never lost the signal, then I called back to reactivate it after I took in a new roommate.
I left all three hooked up through the night. I unhooked the 'main' one this morning as that TV has it's own OTA tuner. #2 will stay hooked up as that one doesn't have the on-board tuner and #2 will be going in the closet before long as it is connected to a SD set.

All three boxes work fine for OTA. Lets hope they stay this way.

I wonder how long are we supposed to hang on to these leased boxes waiting for on word from Voom dbs...

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