Anyone used a clip-on OTA?


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Jun 9, 2004
Hi Guys.
I just joined the forum. Wanted to know if any of you have used the clip-on antennas for local reception. I have DirecTV and this antenna (from Phillips) clips on my current dish. Soungs good because I don't want to install a free standing OTA. Do they work well? Thanks.
They do not work well. I have tried it. You are better off with rabitt ears. My neighbor has one and they have tinfoil wrapped around it! I keep meaning to post a pic but I forget. Don't waste your money....
I use the clip on Terk antenna, with moderate results, it brings me in my local channels for free and some channels from a bit further away, it also brings in the neighbors security camera, so its worth it for that alone. If you have any other option go for it, but if this is all you have give it a try, I would loath to pay for local channels!

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