Anything "cool" I can do with two old satellite dishes? (1 Viewer)


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Jun 2, 2008
So I was over at my parents house yesterday and they were cleaning out their garage. While I was there they came across two satellite dishes in boxes that were never RCA and a Sony dish. Why they had them I have no clue, but they were going to trash them so I decided to take them.

Is there anything at all I can use these things for? Not in a "recycle" way, but something incoming data from spy satellites, etc :eureka

Just kidding (but if so tell me!)...any ideas would be appreciated. I wouldn't mind doing a little hardware hacking if something neat would come out of it. Thanks!


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Jan 7, 2008
You could get a FTA receiver and aim one of the antennas at 119 for a very few unscrambled channels. In the Eastern spotbeam I can also get Miami locals. Might even work on 61.5 to get 3ABN but I'm not certain about that.

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