Are Dish EA mounting angles similar to DirecTV? (1 Viewer)


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Apr 14, 2004
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I know that is probably a somewhat vague question. The reason for asking... I would LOVE to be able to switch my parents over to Dish to get away from the local podunk cable company. I got away from them years ago, but since my parents have always been in apartments w/o LOS, that's not been possible. The local cable company has a price structure that is close to robbery. (In order to get ANY HD channels, you basically have to subscribe to every tier they offer all the way to the top, so their bill with two plain NON-DVR boxes is well north of $200/mo for roughly the equivalent of Dish AT200. Sad.)

The complex where they used to live was a heavy wooded area so no LOS. They recently moved to a different apt complex, but their building/patio is facing the wrong direction, so I figure it was out, too. Today I happened to noticed someone in a different building facing roughly the same way had a DirecTV dish on the side of the patio facing back over top the building. Since my parents are also on the top floor, I'm curious if Dish might work in this manner, too.

SO...would a Dish 1000.2 EA setup face roughly the same direction as a DirecTV dish, or is it even worth bothering to call Dish to attempt an install in this scenario? Zip Code is 29732 (Rock Hill, SC) if that helps.


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Feb 16, 2008
Thank you! I guess a follow up question would also be, does a Dish EA setup generally look higher or lower on the horizon than DTV setup.

Higher. In your case the 1000.2(K2) EA would point almost due south and probably about 45 or 50 degrees up from the horizon.
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