Are there any price promo's for existing customers



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Apr 2, 2011
I have been with dish for the length of my 2 yr contract and my bill is now over $80. I got a mailer from Mediacom for $29.95 a month for Cable internet and phone total of 89.85. I am also paying $60 for internet now through mediacom. I really enjoy dsh and hate the thought of going back to Mediacom but for over $50 difference I'm going to have to seriously take a look. Does any one have any suggestions. I called dish and all they offered was starz for a year. Not interested in that.



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Sep 8, 2003
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How about sitting down and figuring out the cost AFTER the promotion price from Mediacom. You got a promotion when you signed with Dish, they can't keep giving you one especially only being a customer for two years. $50 difference now could be $50 or more later in higher costs. Just check everything out before saving now to pay more later.
Also be sure you are comparing roughly the same channels you now get to what you will get. It could be more, it could be less.......

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Feel free to PM me a phone number or account number and I can look into it. I guarantee I won't be discounting the monthly down $50 a month, but I also guarantee they won't either, unless they can make it up on the back end through a contract.

I also agree with Tampa8 and his take on the situation. What does the bill change to when the promo is gone, and how long is the price guaranteed? Also, its a bundle, which means the commitment extends to the phone service, and might even require you to have internet.

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