Are you haveing issue with HDCP on TV1 and TV2 when TV1 is off? (1 Viewer)


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May 15, 2011
Niagra Falls
Just wanted to start a new thread on just this one issue, The issue is when TV1 is off or your TV set is not compliant with HDCP does it affect your TV2 output saying that you need HDCP ? I have been reading other threads about the issue and am I getting mixed findings so I would like first hand info from other forum members about there experience with HDCP on TV1 affecting TV2 on HBO while the TV1 is off or your set isn't HDCP compliant, another thing is if your using component cables and your still having issues with TV2 showing the message please post as well, This is covering dual tuners (622,722,722K,922)

Let this thread know your findings or current experience so we can start working toward a solution if a solution is found then we can report it to other forum members once it happens

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