A's trade Blanton to Philadelphia for three players



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Apr 15, 2008
It's official: Billy Beane is an idiot.

He is not a genius anymore; if they fall out of the race, he's gone.


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Jan 14, 2005
I am officially disgusted and sick of Billy Beane. I guess the fire sale is on before they make the move to Fremont. Pitching wins ball games Billy and you want to give everybody away. I actually thought they had a chance for at least the wild card, but I guess I was sadly mistaken. Way to go Billy Bean, way to go. you tool.


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Jun 3, 2008
It's official: Billy Beane is an idiot.

He is not a genius anymore; if they fall out of the race, he's gone.

Not a chance in the world that he's gone. (regardless of where the team finishes.. the team has overachieved and he knows it)

He's still one of the best in the business. Blanton's a decent pitcher (certainly better than what his record and era show this season) but some good players were had for him.

Outman... which is a tremendous name for a pitcher is supposed to be a nice pitching prospect.

I've seen that he's projected as anywhere from a middle of the order guy, to a bullpen arm... he has a chance to be a solid arm in either role. Blanton himself is a middle of the rotation type pitcher.

He's not even the 'gem' of the deal though.

That would be Adrian Cardenas.

A guy who one ticked off Philly fan says has the potiential to be the next Soriano.

Oh and he's been said by various scouts to have the offensive potiential of a certain player you may have heard off by the name of Chase Utley.

According to John Sickels We got the Philly's 2nd and 3rd best prospect.

Philadelphia Phillies Top 20 Prospects for*2008 - Minor League Ball

While seeing your team's players get traded does get frustrating, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Granted prospects don't always pan out... but I would trade a Joe Blanton for a future solid bullpen arm and a potiential Chase freaking Utley every time.

Prior to this season our minor league system was in shambles and one of the game's worst.

It's now easily in the top four or five and an area of strength.

Beane lost when he traded Hudson to The Braves.

He won easily with The Mulder deal and while they aren't blowout wins like The Mulder deal was, he clearly won in both The Dan Haren deal (as good as Haren is) and the Swisher deal.

If you don't believe me look at the following:

How many players from The Haren deal are already contributing at The Major League level?

The answer would be three in Grag Smith, Dana Eveland and one of the best prospects in all of baseball in Carlos Gonzalez.

Then you have Brett Anderson one of the best left handed pitching prospects in the game.

A kid who just struck out 12 and allowed two runs in six innings during his double A debut.

Finally you have Chris Carter who is killing the ball to the tune of 27 home runs down for The Stockton Ports and Aaron Cunningham who's hitting 302 in Double A and projects as a solid everyday Major League outfielder.

All that for Haren.

I'm tired of typing.. but in terms of Swisher I'll state that even right now Ryan Sweeney is about as good as Swisher.. doesn't hit for the power.. but solid in the field and hits for a better average.

Gio Gonzalez led all of the minor leagues in Strike outs last year and should get a look in the Majors now that Blanton's gone. He projects to be a solid number two starter.

Fautino De Los Santos is a work in progress, but has lights out stuff. Sadly he's done for the year due to Tommy John surgery, if he bounces back like I hope he's one to watch.

Yep Beane's still a genius.

Oh and to end by posting this article... and I encourage A's fans to read it.

BaseballAmerica.com: Prospects: Prospect Hot Sheet: Prospect Hot Sheet

Notice the quote under Simmons.. it says Oakland's pitching depth is officially the envy of baseball.

The best thing? When talking about our depth it doesn't even mention Vincent Mazzaro.... or Henry Rodriguez... or Jared Lansford... or Arnold Leon ( at only 19 years of age has 40 k's to 11 walks in the mexican league) or Craig Italiano....

Bottom line the sky isn't falling... Blanton was more than replaceable and our pitching depth throughout the system is scary good.

Go A's!

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