AT&T: U-Verse TV Customers Pay $17 More Than DirecTV Users


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Dec 3, 2003

One of the big selling points of AT&T's DirecTV acquisition was that the satellite provider's large size (100 million homes vs. 30 million for U-verse) would give AT&T better leverage in negotiating programming rates. Recent statements by AT&T CFO John Stephens give a good idea how big that gap is, Stephens noting that AT&T U-Verse TV customers pay, on average, $17 more a month for the same programming as DirecTV customers.

While AT&T insists the deal provides it with "$2.5 billion in synergistic savings," there's little indication it would pass on any of these savings to the end consumer. Especially given there's one less competitor in the market for AT&T to worry about.

Stephens seemed to indicate that AT&T expected many U-Verse TV customers to switch over to DirecTV for television service, but keep AT&T U-Verse for broadband, potentially freeing up bandwidth for faster speeds.

"As [U-verse] customers shift to our DirecTV platform, we have an opportunity to capture savings, as well," he said.

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