AT&T won't honor a promo

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  1. So I have AT&T and there's a bogo deal on their website for iPhones . Problem is must have directv service to be eligible for it. I asked several reps who all told me I could get the deal because I have DIRECTV now.
    Now yesterday was the last day of the promo and I asked again to be sure since I wanted to bring 4 people over. Now I get a different story, I get well sorry you don't qualify since you don't have regular DIRECTV ! . So not only will they not honor the deal even though I have it the chat saved saying I'm eligible for it but it's expired. Here's the kicker , it's still up on their page and they say it's expired now. So if it is TAKE IT DOWN!!!. I have better cell coverage now since leaving T-mobile but this makes me ticked off .

    All their loyalty department offered was pushing their unlimited data and basically said oh well they'll be a deal starting tomorrow . If a Rep messed up that's their problem and they should still honor what they told me.

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  3. I think the bigger problem is that it now expired. If it was still good you may have persuaded them because of the transcript.
  4. I looked and it's now still going on.

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  5. Bug them more? :)
  6. Welcome To AT and T!
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  7. I ordered my iPhone 6+ thru ATT. Delivery was delayed past offer date. THEIR fault, not mine. I lost the $200 promo. To add insult to injury, I was repeatedly offered compensation that never came thru. I went into a store that gave me a $100 code to apply to my bill or any purchase. Turned out to be worthless, as was the promise of $100 in some form later.

    You think I love ATT?

    I need reception in a part of WV near 81/70. If Dish comes out with an offer, I may go with them. Or I'll price Verizon after testing them with a month's trial.
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