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Oct 29, 2003
Louisville, KY
Hey Everyone,

Back in 2001 when I moved back to KY and signed up with Dish, I had to sign up for the sports pack (5.99/month) so that I could get Sunshine Network...according to E* CSR. Looking over at E*'s website, I see that the AT150 carries Sunshine Network. The CSR told me that I had to get the sports PAK since I lived up north...of course this was two years ago. So, if anyone lives up north (i.e, north of KY) and has only the AT150 package and no sports pak, could you check your setup and see if you have Sunshine? Is channel 422. If everyone has it, then I can drop the sports pak and upgrade to the HD pack.


No, I don't get it. I live in Ohio so I get Fox Sports Ohio.
You will only get the sports network thats available in that area.

You can sub to the sports pak and get it.
i also live in ohio and dont get sunshine because i don't have sports pack. but i do have fox sports ohio and fox sports cincinati
WDam, take a look at the top of the Dish web site when listing the channels it comes red letters"
* Please note: If you subscribe to America's Top 150 you will receive the regional sports network(s) determined by your geographical location.

Stargazer...Just an FYI, some parts of Ohio only get one or the other. Only some parts of the state get both. And further east you get FSOhio (statewide) and FS Pittsburgh.

See ya
Thanks to all for the reply. I went back and saw the message on E*'s website. Guess I'll have to shell out $5.99 to keep Sunshine. Though getting the other Fox sports nets is nice especially with mens hoops starting up.
Yes, I know that, it is depending on the region you live in to which ones you get, sometimes its one, sometimes its more.
Wdam33, what are you wanting to watch on Sunshine? I ask because all the pro sports on Sunshine will be blacked out for you in Ky. The bulk of the college sports, hs sports, and "other" programming will be clear. (Men's NCAA hoops should be clear for the most part.)
if you goto dish's local channels qualifing page it will tell you what sports channel you will get also
I graduated from Florida State...thus I watch Sunshine for the Bobby Bowden show plus they show replays of all the FSU games on Sunday. My local networks up here in KY do not always carry the FSU games during the fall.

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