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Sep 8, 2003
West Linn, OR
Since my locals come off 119 spot beam and all other programing is on 110 and 119, except HD HBO on 148, at what point will I be able to remove the 148 dish and just use the Dish 500?

And how would I feed 5 recievers (2 feeds for the 921) with one Dish 500?
Which DMA do you live in? If you are in an area like mine (LA DMA) you may have some smaller less viewed locals on the wing sat at 148. Even if you don't care about those you may want to keep your second dish where it is as "future-proofing". Charlie seems to be planning things on the fly right now and you never know if he might add something there that you might want to see.

As for the 5 receivers you will need two cascaded DP34 switches. That should give you the ability to connect a total of 6 boxes, taking into account your need for two lines going to the 921. If you have locals on 148 good news - E* will give you the switches for free! :D
If you have ANY interest in HD I would leave the 148 dish up as it seems Dish is going to use 110 for any new HD channels in the near future and then go to the wings (61.5 & 148) for the more distant future for HD additions. Superdish now seems to be relagated to locals and International.
I am awarding you 10 points for your thread title. (of course as in "Who's line is it anyway" points mean nothing.)

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