Odds on 811 promo for exisiting custs


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Nov 25, 2003
Hey Scott Im a little nervous to go and spend $400 on this 811 reciver and then 2 weeks later Dish offering a special for a reduced price 811 and the HD pack,
What are the odds of this happening and would it be wise to wait a couple weeks?
I don't know of anything.

While I would love a discount on an 811, I would also hate to see them do this since the supply of 811's is small.

Also if they were to do something I would hope it would be after the holidays as many retailers are depending on extra incoming from 811's for the holidays, I am sure they would hate it if Dish undercut them from the get go.
Yes, I would bet very strongly there will be NO deal for the 811. It will be their ONLY HD receiver offering (for a little while) so why do they need to discount it?

They have existing deals on DVRs for existiing customers and this brings in longer term recurring revenue with DVR fees. So this is more beneficial for Dish.

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