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Jan 12, 2007
Mattoon, IL
Can anyone tell me the difference between ATSC and NTSC, and are Dish Network receivers compatible with either? Thanks!!!
Quick reply - ATSC is the digital broadcast standard that includes HDTV - NTSC is generally speaking the existing broadcast standard - The 622 can receive ATSC standards off the air but can't receive the NTSC signals - most of the non-hd boxes can receive local broadcast NTSC signals. The early HD boxes including the old DISH 6000 could receive both NTSC and ATSC signals but had other limitations (notably no compatibility with MPEG4). Hope this helps...
And just to throw in something else -- cable uses NTSC for there analog channels and QAM for their digital channels. Most cable companies encrypt all of their digital channels except for the local broadcast channels. DISH Network also uses QAM for their MDU (multiple dwelling unit) installations. There are only a few models of DISH receivers that can decode QAM signals.

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