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Jan 22, 2009
Whitesburg, Kentucky
I have a Dish 322 receiver that has been giving me some audio problems lately. I've noticed it beginning to drop the audio for several seconds on some channels. The video continues fine, so I don't think its a signal issue. Does anyone have any advice, or some things I could check to see what the problem is?


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Feb 7, 2011
it wouldn't surprise me that you're seeing the same type of audio drop out many have seen with DVR's. HBO stations for a while were very bad.

Does it happen more on particular channels?
If you have the 322 hooked up to an amp, do you notice if the amp has to "re-sync" for the audio mode? (resync happens when the 5.1 audio output changes to 2.1/x.x any other format for a split second or so, and then as the signal returns to normal the AMP would re-sync with it. Often you'll see the front panel show a change from Dolby Digital to some "matrixed" surround sound mode, and then back to DD)

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