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Sep 9, 2003
This works fine at home but at work I check the box to log in automatically but it does not work. I have 2 cookies www.satelliteguys & one without the www. I am able to auto log in at dbsforums and many other sites so I don't think is a setting on my computer. Anyone have an idea where to start. :(
Delete both cookies and try again. :)

The problem was I had a wrong setting when I set the board up so you have 1 cookie with ww and the other without.

For some reason they confuse each other.

The config has been fixed but those of you who have both cookies may have this problem. :)
Hey Scott, I am still having problems with the auto login. I have cleared all my cookies and still have to login everytime. Any suggestions?
Using IE 5.5 on Win2K.
I would suggest clearing out your cookies one more time then logging in at the following url

That should lock it for you. :)
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