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Mar 14, 2007
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First of all I am sorry to post something that is so selfish, I hope it helps others & I made a medium effort to search for a similar & recent thread.

I am planning to create a new account after canceling a few years ago. I am so fed up with the equipment at spectrum and a tree was cut down that was causing a problem. I have a few questions and want to know what the best way to create a new account is.

I will have 1 TV that i need service to & plan to get the newest hopper DVR. All my AV stuff is hidden away in a closet about 50 ft away from a pretty new LG oled TV. I have dedicated cables ran for everything & am using a harmony remote to control everything.

Should I buy a new hopper DVR or lease one, what is the monthly charge / payoff timing. Any other reasons to own the receiver?

The install before was pole mounted on a plumbing vent (stink pipe so i have been told by installers), and this was great. I could not see the dish from the front of the house and there were no holes in the roof. Is this still considered OK or can I sign off on this type of install?

Is there any promo or secret plan that is better than what is widely available on the dish site? Is calling a rep or creating an account on their site directly the best place to start a new account. It seems like there are a lot of retailers creating accounts too, but none with a great benefit.

I assume that dish will need to pull credit (especially if i lease equipment), can this be confirmed? If so what credit agency do they use? I will need to thaw my credit & would like to know what company to do that with & not have to waste money with all 3.

thanks for your help :)


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Get the Hopper 3. Accept no substitutes.

Lease. There is no payoff. Monthly fee is the same, whether you own or lease.

Harmony will work fine.

They are probably not going to use a vent. They may not even be willing to climb on the roof. You could mount near the roof edge on an overhang, get a gable mount or maybe a pole mount.

Many so called retailers are just order takers, passing it on to Dish. If you can find a genuine local retailer installer, that’s your best bet for service. Pricing will be the same.
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Feb 16, 2008
Just to add to what Navy said, if you want a Hopper 3 you might have to pay $100 or so for it unless your credit is stellar and you qualify for a free one.


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Nov 29, 2007
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I don't know anything about their credit rules, but I know a bit about negotiations .if the first CSRS can't or won't provide an H3 for no upfront charge ask for a supervisor or simply call back.
Also choose someone here, like me, to get a referral code so you and the person referring you can each save $5/month for 10 months.

As a new customer you will get significant discount on programming packages. Be sure to lock them in for as long as possible, like 2 years.
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