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Feb 26, 2006
Rio Rancho, NM
I've been installing for over a year and just recently I've run into a lot of dpp twins that show's an odd matrix on both Sat. inputs...119(w/ Green "OK" below and "N.C." just below that)and doesn't show any 110...only occurs on 625 recievers. If I swap out with a 322 it shows the normal matrix. Any other techs come across some of these?
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Aug 9, 2004
Champaign, IL
I saw that yesterday, gave me fits. 625 said
port 1 119 OK NC
port 2 119 OK 110 OK DPP switch

I tried unplugging sat lines, running check switch to clear matrix and replugging,
then tried rebooting receiver and check switch.
I unplugged the receiver for 30 seconds, plugged it back in and tried again, no luck.
Then I put in a 322, it worked just fine.
So I put the 625 back in, and VOILA! it was just fine as well.
All while the worried customer sat and watched and kept asking, "Having problems?" I hate that.

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