Bad week for my 721


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Sep 8, 2003
What's the deal with the 721, like most of you I have not received any SW updates but in the last week or so the unit has been rebooting itself 1 or 2 times a day. Everyone is in such a rush to get more features but lets first get some software that works. I can wait for the weather feature and the triple conflict screen should have been in the first update but since it was not I'll wait a while longer. Lets just get some software that we can depend on, not this crap the DISH passes off as full of features. As a former DISH dealer I know first hand what kind of games Charlie will try and get away with, lets put a stop the them. I WISH DISH WOULD STOP ANNOUNCING PLANS FOR UPGRADES, DO NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT THEM UNTIL YOU RELEASE IT. AND SCOTT, I KNOW YOU MEAN WELL BUT STOP LETTING DISH JERK YOU AROUND.
I am going to be aweful ticked if he waits until AFTER the locals are put up in my area to launch this software, due to it containing the SuperDish capability.
O.K., hows this for paranoia. within 8 hours of blasting DISH, I lost all 70 hours of my PVR recordings. Plus now I am having nothing but trouble recording programs. If I was a paranoid person I would think DISH had something to do with it. So now I have a replacement 721 on the way, do you hear that DISH. But seriously, I can't figure out why all of a sudden I am having so much trouble. Can't wait to see how DISH screws up the new software.
If I were to lose certain episodes of certain tv shows, I would be telling Dish Network to either get me those episodes on tape sent to me or credit my programming bill a huge amount to make up for that to make up for it, since its obvious that its meaningless to have a DVR to go back and watch your shows later if they are all going to get erased. I hardly watch a show live myself, they are all prerecorded so I can skip commercials having more control of my viewing.
Stargazer, I know what you mean. I was soooooooooo mad when I lost that 70 hours but what can I do about it, nada thing. But I will make sure I bad mouth DISH as much as I can since I believe this would not have happened had DISH had some good SW in the 721. As the owner of a security company that sells and installs pro grade digital video recorders for CCTV, I know they can crash but I also know that very few of them do (and loose the recordings). I'm not sure if it's the SW or just crap for equipment but DISH should get it's act together.
I have lost all of my recordings on either a 501 or 7100 before and I know what its like. I dont know what is more annoying, losing all your recordings at once because of a hard drive failure or when you have a tuner failure issue with the show pixellating in and out and you try to figure out what is going on during the show.

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