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Oct 8, 2003
Hey All. First let me say, great forum. I've bounced around a number of forums but the format and content of this site seems to be a step above most. Congrats.

I am looking for some advice. If all goes well, I should be moving in 3 weeks or so. I am leaving behind my Dish500 and never fully utilized SW64. I had purchased it in anticipation of going HD, but never set up the second dish. According to the DishMover program, I would be entitled to a $50 installation of a new Dish500 for my three receivers. I would consider dropping down to two, which would be a free installation, as I am only marginally using the third and the new receivers with multi out are starting to look attractive. But with the Superdish so close, I am wondering whether I should wait and what to do in the meantime. I have seen some mention of a Superdish upgrade, but missed the recent chats and the E* reps on the phone claim they have no details yet so I don't know what it entails. I really want to make the jump to HD with this move, have the TV already, just working out the hardware details.

Also, while I seem committed to the 921 because I have gotten too used to time-shifting, is it correct that it does not have multiple outputs hot while the 811 (?) does?

Decisions, decisions... :(

Go with the Dishmover now and then get the SuperDish upgrade when it becomes available on November 1st. :)

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That is what I would do, take the sw-64 switch since its such an expensive device, take the DishMover's promotion, then the SuperDish promotion when it becomes available when your locals rolls out OR when you are ready to order the HD package.

Some people even take the dish with them and keep it for a spare and then have a new Dish 500 installed although Dish Network wants you to keep the old dish where it is at so that they can get new subscribers when new people move in. I find that when a dish is already up that people are more motivated to get the service than if no dish is there already.

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