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Dec 3, 2003
I have an 811, and wanted info on getting OTA Channels:

1. What kind of antenna is required? Indoor antennas work? If either, which antennas are recommended?

2. How do i find out about what channels are available i my area -- Forest Hills, NY ZIP 11375.

Thanks. That site is a lot of help. I have another question, though. The location map points to several directions. Would that require an antenna on a rotor (motor?) to rotate along those angles, or do the antennas pick signals from all those directions. Also, what is the approximate cost of the (Intermediate?) Antennas and where can they be purchased at for a good price?
It depends on whether or not the antenna you get is "Multi-Directional", how far you are from the towers, etc... I currently use a amplified set-top antenna, the closest tower to me is forty plus miles away, and I can receive nine digital stations without doing anything, and I can receive others by repositioning my antenna. But this is for me, some people could live twenty miles from the towers and have lots of problems. Your best bet is to follow what antenna web recommends, they use color codes to tell you which antenna you need to receive a certain station. Then you will need to look at your area, is there hills, big buildings, etc. which could affect your signal.
If I were you, I'd go to Radio Shack and buy a UHF antenna, PN 15-2160 ($22) and experiment with that. Manually point it in the directions you need, generally 280 and 90. If it works well in both directions, buy a second one and combine them with a simple splitter. You are close enough that I'd think attic mounting would be an option. This could feed a whole house set-up. And like Tony said, you can also try a set top antenna to see how it works. It's really up to you how complicated or simple you want to go. It's best to start simple and expand from there to see what works and what doesn't.
All of the NYC stations broadcast digitally on UHF frequencies, except for WPIX11, which boradcasts on digital ch. 12.

Also, all of the stations, except WLIW from Long Island, are due West of Forest Hills

Finally, they're all about 8 miles away, which is pretty close.

As such, I'd highly recommend the Zenith Silver Sensor indoor directional UHF antenna. It's very good at rejecting multipath, and will pick up VHF ch 12 OK.

I use it, and pick up all of my local digital stations, most of which are about 40 miles away. (One of which is also on ch. 12, and is 180 degrees behind where the antenna is pointed.)

I've also heard good things about the Terk HDTVi model. Usually Terk sucks. But, this appears to be a copy of the Silver Sensor with additional VHF capability.
Channel Master

I live a good 50 miles from my Philadelphia stations and everyone I talked to said I would not be able to pick up those stations. I decided to try anyway. I bought a Channel Master model 4228 UHF 8 bay ant. with NO pre-amp. Much to my surprise I got almost ALL Philly stations. I am not interested in a rotor, my concern was the HDTV locals. It works Great!

Here is what I pick up pointed south about 179 degrees. I live northeast from Philly.

one - 10 NBC channels
three - 6 ABC channels
one - 3 CBS
3 Lehigh Valley locals channel 39
2 channels of 69 and 1 HD channel
FOX 29 is marginal, I plan on getting an amp today.

I am very happy. I now get all the HD content dish offers, my local HD programs and a 24 HD channel 69.
Thanks, all for your valuable input. I will do the necessary and revert with results.

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