811 Receiver blank screen problem


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Apr 26, 2004
Visalia, Ca
Occasionally when I view my VCR (VHS) through the 811's video inputs for an extended period of time, usually 30 or more minutes, when I return to regular satellite programming, the screen remains blank. The transparent guide is viable but nothing else. Even OTA doesn't come in. The menus are visable. When I return to 000 (back video inputs) I can still see the VCR. I've ran the switch test, turn the 811 off and on. Nothing. The last resort was to unplug the receiver. This worked. I hope this isn't a duplicate post. Any ideas what causing this?
I have that happen sometimes. Actually all I have to do is go up or down a satellite channel to get it to work. It is like it turns off the OTA/Video in mode but does not turn on the satellite mode. It happens occasionally. Just try going up a channel then back to your original channel and it should snap out of it.
I have had this problem before, as well. A few days agao it started and happened twice within a couple days. Dish told me to reset the receiver. Haven't had it since those two episodes.. But, one time we got OTA and the other time we didn't... strange.

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