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Sep 8, 2003
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If any of the big players (like Bonds, McGuire, & Sosa) are linked to steroids, it could take the Sport that I love so much into inferno! Just to think that what McGuire and Sosa did in 1998 was a complete fraud, is unthinkable. Breaking a Record that stood for years and breaking it under steroids use? The same with Bonds... I do not even want to think of the consequences but it will be a complete nightmare. :no

John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
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The baseball players must be very unhappy about this little turn of events. They agreed to this testing under the condition of strict anonymity on the first round, and now a grand jury wants that information? And will probably get it? The odds of that info staying confidential is nearly zero. This could be heck of a mess.


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Sep 8, 2003
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I think we'll see a lot of new body shapes this year :)
Players will talk about how they spent the off season trying to slim down and achieve greater flexiblity. Right. !sadroll:haha:neener:rolleyes:


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Sep 8, 2003
You look back on what Sosa, McGwire and Bonds looked like when they first came into the league and then look at what they look like today one wants to wonder where they got all this muscle. It also maikes you wonder why McGwire retired in my opinion very good shape. I think he wanted out before too many eyebrows were raised. The problem is all the so-called "pushers" are being brought up before a Grand Jury, why not all atheletes who abuse such enhancements. Why are professional atheletes allowed to get away with so much? I know othere sports are trying to address this problem, but the rules still lack in consequences. If these "pushers" are convicted of illegally giving banned substances to atheletes then you have to look real hard at records, ie- HR records. This should be immediately taken off the books because it is "tainted". Atheletes will not be charged or convicted, but if they admit to taling these enhancements then the question of how they achieved these records must come into question. I know some will say, well they took these "before" it was illegal therefore they did not know, that's BS. When you start to build up bulk without weight training then you have to assume you are taking a form of a steroid. Close friends of all these guys all state they do not work out in the off season, unless you call 18 holes much of a work out. All sports, professional or amateur must hold their atheletes accountable for their actions, wether it is obviuosly illegal or has the hint of impropriety. New rules need to be into place to monitor. In my opinion, if you need drugs, herbs or supplements to make yourself better than anyone else then you aren't really an athelete but a drugged-up version of one. Some of the pro leagues such as the NFL are trying put alot of controversy behind them but still need better rules to plug all of the holes in the rule books. The biggest problem MLB has is their union. The mentality is, if we don't like the rules you impose then we will just strike and everybody will be hurt. Just like a union to dictate their will on the masses.


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Sep 12, 2003
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McGuire got out because of his constant back trouble. He also had just eclipsed Babe Ruth's home run record which looked to be safe for a generation or two (oops, right this way, Mr. Bonds), so it looked like his legacy was safe, and he would wind up looking like Mo Vaughn for sticking around too long.

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