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Jul 13, 2004
Raleigh North Carolina
:confused: I think I am trying to do a very simple thing here in regard to receiving Dish HD but after talking with
CSR's, tech support,marketing and 2nd & 3rd line supervisors +the forums and the retailers I just continue to get
conflicting info regarding setup,upgrade promos,prices etc.
I know many of you have suffered the same mind numbing fate but hope someone will come to my aid as well as others in this same boat.
I currently OWN a 301 and a 501 receiver with a Dish 500 setup aimed
@ 110 and 119. The 501 is in service
the 301 deactivated. I sub to Everything Pak+locals+superstations.
I have one 60"Toshiba RPSTV with built
in HD decoder for OTA. I have one 38"Phillips HD ready set. Thats the whole shootin match.
Does ANYONE have the answer to this simple question? All I want to do is watch HD on both of my tv's. I would simply like to record on only one TV while watching other programming.
At the same time I want to see DISH HD on my other set.
It seems to me the simple solution is a 622 on one set and ANY compatible HD receiver on the other.
Ive been told everything from yes thats a solution and here isour offer to you. Always different prices commitments etc to that wont work,but what we can do is: Ad Nauseaum.
Im just about to give up the whole ship
and have a bonfire with all this useless equipment and go back to just listening to
a portable am/fm radio.
Thanks for letting me spout off and I
thank you in advance for an honest answer on the most efficient way to watch 2 lousy TVs.


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May 24, 2004
Here is my take on that:

Since none of your current devices are upgradable with any so call promotional offer, the best bet will be purchase 622 and 211 from dealer. Dish Store and Dish Depot are few have great reputation in the community.

You will need add a wing dish to 61.5 or change your current one to Dish1000 or Dish 1000+. In order to get all the HD programming, your will need to have 110, 119, 129 or 110, 119, 61.5. Depends on your current switch configuration, you might need newer multi-switch to support three LUNs.

Last but not least, you will change your current programming to one of the HD packages.

That is about all you need to do. If you take care of all the hardware on your own using the dealers I have mentioned above, the rest of part will be much easier to deal with. Try to going through Dish to get all the hardware, installation arrangement, it is just asking for trouble and headache.

Hope those helps.


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Dec 10, 2004
You could also chat with one or more local retailers and see what they could do for you which is about half way between dealing with Dish and what hzhao is suggesting.